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The production car category, in which TLC competes, is a category where mass-produced vehicles must run in a configuration similar to that of production vehicles, except for the mandatory "safe driving" equipment such as roll cages, six-point seat belts, large-capacity fuel tanks, and fire extinguishers. Modifications to the structure and materials of the engine, body/frame, and other core areas of the vehicle are prohibited, placing emphasis on the true performance of the base production vehicle.
*Auxiliary engine components such as turbochargers, transmissions, and differentials will be interchangeable during the rally starting in 2023.

The 2024 rally-spec car is based on the car that competed in the 2023 rally and has enhanced reliability and durability while maintaining its off-road performance. The main points of the enhancements are a reviewed engine intake system and the rear suspension. In the air intake system, the installation method of the restrictor (a special rally-specific product that differs from the air intake system of production vehicles), which is an air intake volume limiting part that must be installed according to vehicle displacement, has been improved to prevent sand and other foreign matter from entering the system, elevating the reliability of the turbo.
For the rear suspension, the layout of the shock absorbers (rally-specific parts by BOS) has been modified within the range permitted by vehicle regulations to improve durability by reducing the load on the absorber without sacrificing road-tracking performance.
The tires (TOYO TIRES OPEN COUNTRY M/T-R) have also been modified to work optimally with the suspension. The increased rigidity improves puncture resistance, while the reduced weight improves acceleration performance.


The vehicle equipment modifications to the Land Cruiser 300 GR SPORT make it the ultimate rally machine. It is built to handle the harsh conditions of this grueling event that traverses around 10,000 km over mountainous terrain and deserts.


A revealing look into the ever-evolving TLC rally car and its interior equipment.


Base model code: FJA300L
Engine code: F33A-FTV
Total displacement: 3,345cc
Overall length/width/height: 4,965mm / 1,990mm / 1,975mm
Maximum output: ≥ 253kw (≥344ps)
Maximum torque: ≥ 815 N⋅m
Steering: Rack and pinion
Front suspension: Double wishbone independent coil springs (BOS)
Rear suspension: Trailing-link with coil springs (BOS)
Shock absorbers: Exclusive rally part (BOS)
Brakes: Front/rear ventilated disc (only brake pads made by Endless)
Transmission: Direct Shift-10AT (electronically controlled 10-speed automatic transmission)*1
Tire size: 285/70R17 (OPEN COUNTRY M/T-R by TOYO TIRES)*2
Wheels: Forged magnesium 17-inch x 7.5J (ENKEI)
Drivetrain: Four wheel drive (full-time 4WD)
Main equipment: Electronic locking differential (front/center/rear)
*1 Based on vehicle regulations, operated in rally-exclusive control manual mode for gears 1-8 (with reverse).
*2 Based on the OPEN COUNTRY M/T-R 2023 specifications, the improved case structure and shallower grooving on the tread increase rigidity and reduce weight. In addition, 50% of the materials used for the components are environmentally friendly and sustainable.
*3 Abbreviation for Electronic Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System for a high level of on-road driving stability and off-road driving performance. World-first system in a Land Cruiser 300. Changed to a special manual control mode to meet rally regulations (E-KDSS in production models is automatically controlled).