Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2017 Survey
(1) What is your status in viewing this report?
Customer who uses a Toyota Auto Body product Employee of Toyota Auto Body or a Group company
Resident of a community where a Toyota Auto Body business site is located
Person employed at a business partner of Toyota Auto Body Student or school representative
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Toyota Auto Body homepage Toyota Auto Body intranet Toyota Auto Body cafeteria TV
An e-mail from Toyota Auto Body Workplace superior or coworker
CSR library, ECO Plaza, or other information site related to the environment or CSR
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(5) What was an interesting subject and what subject left an impression?
Forward Top Message
Corporate Principles
Corporate Governance
Creating Ever-Better Cars Creating a Better Coaster
Assisted Mobility Vehicles and Special Purpose Vehicles to Meet a Wide Range of Needs
Environmentally Friendly Cars (Ultra Compact EV COMS, Fuel Cell Vehicles)
Creating High Quality Cars
Working Together with Our Suppliers
Developing Employees and Creating the Workplace Training Professional Personnel
Health and Safety
Compliance, Traffic Safety, Disaster Preparedness
Creating a Vibrant Workplace
Activities through Sports Clubs
Social Contributions Environment, Welfare, Raising the Next Generation, Other
Kariya Fure-Ai Park
Friendly to the Global Environment Long-term Environmental Vision
Product Environment
Production Environment
Environmental Management
(6) Please give us your impressions upon reading the FY 2017 CSR report.
A. Ease of readability
(Page structure, photographs, etc.)
Extremely easy to comprehensible Easy to understand Comprehendible Challenging to comprehend Difficult to comprehend
B. Impression of Toyota Auto Body Much better Better No change Somewhat worse Worse
C. Volume of information and level of satisfaction Highly satisfied Satisfied Sufficient Lacking Insufficient
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